November 1, 2020

This has been a challenging year for the world. And obviously, it's been a challenging year for our sport. 

This year we are excited to host the 2020 Colt State Park Half Marathon, with a limited field capacity of just 250 runners. We are also making the following adjustments to our race-weekend plans. This will not be a normal year, but we are grateful we still get to gather and make the best of the circumstances, while keeping each other safe. 


Please read the rules/expectations thoroughly. (Updated 10/31/2020)


October 16th: Those signed up have until October 16th to withdrawal their registration. After this point, there are no refunds. If you are uncomfortable racing even with our safety protocols, or if the inter-state travel restrictions are causing you concern, this is your final day to let us know you're withdrawing from the race. That being said, if you know that you are unlikely to attend this year due to any of these reasons, please do not wait until this date to let us know. The sooner our race team knows, the better. 

October 26th: We will make the final "THE RACE IS ON" call on Monday, October 26th. At this time athletes will have their credit cards charged for their entry. We will consult with the State of RI before making this final call. As of right now, we have no reason to believe we will not be able to host the race, and have presented our safety protocols to the State of RI. However, as you all know, COVID changes circumstances daily, so all we can do is watch, wait, and keep running!

  • **Out Of State Waiver**: Due to COVID-related travel restrictions from state to state, it is your responsibility to understand the travel restrictions both into and out of Rhode Island. The rules for coming into Rhode Island can be found HERE. At race check-in you'll be asked to fill out THIS FORM to certify that you are complying with the travel mandate. If you will be unable to fill this out honestly, please let us know now and we'll withdraw your entry. It is your responsibility to understand your owns state's travel mandates as well (if applicable) and act accordingly upon your return home. 

  • Minimal On-Course Volunteers: Usually we have 60+ volunteers on our course pointing you the right way and handing out water. This year there will be VERY FEW course marshals, and only at key positions on course. The course will be marked with 500+ marking flags, so just follow the dotted line. We are doing this to eliminate any unnecessary person to person contact on the course. Also, aid stations will be full water bottles instead of cups. Recycling cans will be positioned all over the course. This way, aid stations are self-service, with no person to person contact. 

  • Race Check In: 

    • All entrants will go through the following process at check-in: 

    • 1) Our staff will be checking the temperature of all arriving athletes prior to runner check-in.

    • 2) After temp check, all athletes will sign a paper race waiver. If you are an out of state participant, you'll also be asked to verify you've complied with the travel mandate by signing THIS FORM.

    • WEAR YOUR MASKS. NO MASK = NO RACE (See further mask rules below.) 

    • Please DO NOT ATTEND if you have any of the following symptoms; fever or chills, muscle or body aches, sore throat or runny/stuff nose, headache, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty, sudden loss of smell or taste. 


  • Masks: Masks: Masks will be REQUIRED at the start/finish area. NO MASK = NO RACE. You will be able to remove this mask once you have separated from the pack once the race has started, but we do ask all runners carry one with them and put it on in the event that you cannot pass another runner or pedestrian without 6-feet of separation.  Masks must be put back on at the finish line, immediately upon crossing the line. 

  • Wave Start: The race will be started in waves of 20 people. We will be notifying you of your wave before race weekend. You'll self-report to the starting coral at the time of your wave start. These waves will happen every 2 minutes. Therefore, it will take us roughly 30 minutes to "start" the event, with 20 people heading out onto the course every 2 minutes. Therefore, these waves will begin at 8:30 AM after the national anthem, and end with the last runners getting onto course at around 9:00 AM. More information will be provided on this as race weekend approaches. 

  • Spectators: No spectators will be allowed at the Colt State Park Half Marathon due to the Governor of Rhode Island's executive order on 10/30/2020. 


  • Finish-Line Fanfare Will be Limited: We'll have music playing, some refreshments, etc. BUT, we do ask that you gather your composure at the finish, grab your snacks, and spread out AWAY form the finish line. The finish line is to be reserved for staff and finishing runners, eliminating any crowding. Feel free to spread out around the park to cheer on friends/family, or celebrate your race finish with your crew at your vehicle or in the adjacent fields, within earshot of our DJ and music. 


  • Courtesy Bracelets: We will be offering "courtesy bracelets" at race check-in. This is an option for people who consider themselves sensitive to the current COVID-19 situation for ANY REASON. (i.e. They are high risk, live with a high risk relative, are an ER nurse, simply want extra separation from fellow runners, etc.) This bracelet will notify your fellow runners that you'd like a little extra space on race day. 

  • Awards/Trophies: Finisher's Medals will be self-serve at the finish line, hanging up on a rack as you cross the finish. All age-group awards and overall trophies will be announced on Social Media on the afternoon of the race by the RD, instead of in-person, to prevent crowding. Trophies to age group winners and overall winners will then be mailed. 


  • Bathrooms: Our Porto-Potty handles/doors will be sanitized every 15 minutes by race staff. Hand sanitizer will be available both outside and inside of the porto-potty, but we highly recommend bringing a little of your own to have on your person at all times. 


  • Check-In and Que Lines: Race check-in lines and bathroom que lines will be socially distanced, with markers on the ground.

  • Pacers: Usually we have pacers that help our athletes run at certain paces and meet certain race goal times. This year this is eliminated for two reasons. 1) Our pacers come from various states around the Northeast. Inter-state travel restrictions are making the logistics of this difficult. 2) Due to the 20-person wave starts, pacers will be less effective. 


We love our sport, we love this race and we love this running community. We are doing every single thing we can do to 1) put on this race and 2) do it safety. If any of the above rules make your uncomfortable and not want to join us this year, we completely understand. These are unique times. Simply let us know BEFORE the withdrawal deadline. For the rest of you, we thank you for your willingness to join us for a "unique" Colt State Park Half Marathon this year, as we prepare for this yearly tradition here on the East Bay of Rhode Island.

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